Jag meets Trudeau: Canada's new quasi-coalition government

The governing Liberals announced a partnership with the third-place New Democrats earlier this week — David Menzies and Sheila Gunn Reid react.

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Earlier this week, it was revealed that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal government had come to terms with Jagmeet Singh's New Democratic Party on a new partnership that will allegedly keep Trudeau's government propped up until 2025.

On a recent Rebel News DAILY Livestream, David Menzies and Sheila Gunn Reid shared their reactions to this new alliance.

David didn't hold much back in his assessment of the agreement, offering some choice words for the NDP leader:

It's so frustrating.

He [Jagmeet Singh] is a weakling. He is a phony. He is a fake, and I have more contempt for him than I do for Justin Trudeau — and that is one hell of a high benchmark.

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