Isn’t a demonstration featuring Jews supporting Hamas kind of like chickens propping up Col. Sanders? Yet such an event actually occurred in Toronto

'When we interviewed the protesters, we found ourselves descending into a vortex of wokeism, Marxism, delusion, and denial. It was astonishing – and disturbing,' said David.

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As they used to say on Monty Python’s Flying Circus: “And now for something completely different…”

Which is to say, pro-Hamas demonstrations, sadly, are du rigueur events in Toronto – and elsewhere – these days. But a demonstration that assembled outside the Royal Ontario Museum last Tuesday morning was nothing short of jaw-dropping.

It was called, “Procession for Palestine. Jews say no to genocide.” But by “genocide,” the demonstrators were referring to causalities in Gaza (most of whom can be attributed to collateral damage) as opposed to the more than 1,200 people who were brutally massacred in Israel by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7, 2023.

That was the single biggest one-day slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust, but incredibly, the approximately 100 demonstrators in attendance had precious little empathy for that day of infamy.

And it bears repeating: the majority of demonstrators on this day were indeed Jewish, or should we say, they “identified” as being Jewish?


Interestingly, the poster promoting the Procession for Palestine featured the logos of several organizations we are completely unfamiliar with. The checklist included: the United Jewish People’s Order, Independent Jewish Voices Canada, Showing Up for Racial Justice Toronto, World Beyond War, Jewish Faculty Network, and If Not Now Toronto.

We definitely got a vide that the members of these organizations were far-leftist.

Our first clue: a disproportionate number of demonstrators were wearing Covid-19 face diapers, apparently unaware that the current year is 2024.

And when we interviewed the protesters (well, at least those who could actually articulate their positions), we found ourselves descending into a vortex of wokeism, Marxism, delusion, and denial. It was astonishing – and disturbing. So it was that shortly after 9 a.m., these social justice weirdos marched eastbound on Bloor Street (with a full police escort, of course, although it is unknown if the cops provided them with coffee and donuts).

We couldn’t be bothered to follow this motley crew so we have no idea what their final destination was. But we do know they passed by the Indigo store near Bloor and Bay Streets. Notably, last month, this bookstore was vandalized. The reason? The chain’s CEO is Heather Reisman (translation: she’s a Jew, so these days, Heather Reisman is fair game for intimidation by the loony left because… well, she’s a Jew...)

Hopefully there was no additional vandalism rendered by the useful idiots who comprise the rank and file of the Procession for Palestine…

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