Joe Rogan may cancel 4/20 show because “Seattle’s a f*cking war zone”

In 2020, Seattle's CHAZ saw a number of murders, rapes, and violent assaults in weeks of tense interactions between Antifa militants and local residents.

Joe Rogan may cancel 4/20 show because “Seattle’s a f*cking war zone”
AP Photo/Ted S. Warren
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Like most sane observers watching the implosion of Seattle, Joe Rogan is not a big fan of the left coast city, describing it as a “Third World country about to implode.”

Speaking on his podcast this week, Rogan took aim at the failing city, calling it a “Third World country about to implode.”

“I do a 4/20 show every year; I do it somewhere where weed’s legal,” Rogan said. “Just have a — it’s like been a tradition that I’ve had for several years. But I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do it, and I was thinking maybe I could do it somewhere across the border, like in Washington state.”

“Dude, Seattle’s a f*cking war zone,” Rogan stated, adding, “Seattle is a war zone. It is so wild there now. It’s literally like a Third World country about to implode. I used to go there years ago and it was gorgeous. You’d see like a few homeless people every now and then, but it was like all tech money and everything.”

“Now, like, every time you turn on the news, after they f*cking took over that six-block — like the Antifa people took over that six-block area in downtown Seattle and the mayor called it the ‘summer of love’ and everybody’s like, ‘What is this b*tch saying? What are you talking about? You just got f***ing Antifa [take] over your town! You’ve got literal, like, militants controlling the streets like warlords.’”

In 2020, Seattle became an unwitting host to Antifa insurgents who took over a portion of the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, declaring it the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” or “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest,” popularly referred to as CHAZ or CHOP. The zone saw a number of murders, rapes, and violent assaults in weeks of tense interactions between the Antifa militants and local residents.

The zone’s establishment began with the takeover of the local police precinct, which saw no law enforcement response from city officials. It came at the height of the violent Black Lives Matter protests triggered by the death of George Floyd, who died while in police custody in Minneapolis.

Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan described the establishment of the CHAZ as the “summer of love.”

During the occupation, which effectively turned the neighborhood into a police no-go zone, several people were shot, including 16-year-old Antonio Mays Jr., who was killed, and an unnamed 14-year-old who was put in critical condition with gunshot wounds while joyriding in a stolen vehicle around the zone. The self-appointed border guard who fired at the vehicle they were in has yet to be arrested or charged for the shooting.

In July 2020, on the same day Horace Lorenzo Anderson, whose son was killed in Antifa-occupied zone, appeared on Fox News and stated Seattle’s authorities should have “stopped this a long time ago,” Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan remarked on social media of the CHAZ, “For weeks, we have had incredibly peaceful demonstrations on Capitol Hill.”

“They were beating people up that took photographs and videos; they had their own police; they had their own authoritarian control system,” Rogan continued. “Somebody got shot there and then eventually the whole thing imploded and the police recaptured it, but it was like, what is happening to Seattle? And Portland’s even worse.”

“You gotta get sunlight, kids. Something about that Pacific Northwest,” he said.


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