Jonathan 'Jessica' Yaniv in court on prohibited weapons charges: Sheriffs step in!


Jonathan Yaniv appeared in a British Columbia provincial court today on two charges relating to the possession of a prohibited weapon or ammunition after two TASER-type weapons were seized from his North Langley home in August of this year. Nothing short of a spectacle, in typical Jonathan Yaniv fashion, Yaniv hijacked his own court appearance to brag about people he has gotten arrested, and the security detail he's acquired.

Following the court appearance I asked Yaniv if he expects to plead guilty, a basic question anyone facing charges should expect to be asked by the media. Immediately and without hesitation, the testosterone-fueled Yaniv leaned towards me. A Sheriff quickly intervened and his mother Miriam Yaniv wrapped her hands around his face begging him to “be quiet.”

Following the appearance, the Yanivs were ushered out of a hidden back door to avoid the small contingent of journalists waiting outside the courthouse for a scrum. Typically, Court Sheriffs do not intervene to shield defendants from the media.

Everyone from Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou to Canadian Senators are expected to face the media scrums when they are accused of breaking the Criminal Code.