Joseph Bourgault's leadership campaign makes its way to Calgary

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Joseph Bourgault, a Saskatchewan business owner and approved Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate, was in Calgary for night two of the Alberta leg of his campaign to lead the CPC against Justin Trudeau when the next federal election rolls around.

We spoke with Mr. Bourgault about why he feels he can lead the country and what he must do to win against Trudeau. We also chatted with Olympic gold medalist and Stanley Cup champion Theoren Fleury, who has endorsed Mr. Bourgault, about what it would take for Bourgault to win, in addition to checking in with supporters in attendance to ask them why they why they were drawn to this candidate.

You can also find Joseph Bourgault’s full unedited speech here if you would like to learn more about his positions and policy plans, or you check out my exclusive interview with him here.

We were on hand for his first campaign event in Airdrie earlier in the week, that event drew only a few dozen attendees, but some who attended that event who were convinced by Bourgault’s message committed to bring friend along to the Calgary event, and with over one hundred in attendance in Calgary, they seem to have kept their promises.

While the event was certainly a far cry from the hundreds and indeed thousands attending visits from candidates like Pierre Poilievre and Lelsyn Lewis, Bourgault and his team feel they can build momentum and even win if they are able to meet the April 29, $300,000 fundraising deadline to continue his bid for the leadership.

Despite Joseph Bourgault being an approved candidate, we were the only news outlet to cover these campaign stops. We are covering the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race like no one else can, so be sure to check in regularly at so you don’t miss a thing.

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