Judge throws out trans activist’s defamation lawsuit against Rebel News

The Hon. Justice Milman tossed the case, ruling that Rebel News had not tarnished Simpson’s so-called 'valued and unblemished reputation in the province of British Columbia, and elsewhere in Canada and throughout the world.'

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Judgment day has come! Jessica Simpson, the B.C. trans activist and repeat criminal offender with a self-admitted hate for Rebel News reporters, is officially a loser.

By loser, I’m referring to the outcome of the defamation law suit that Simpson filed against Rebel News in April 2021. *Spoiler alert*, the judge just ruled that the case be tossed out like yesterday’s trash!

Simpson, formally known as Johnathan Yaniv, was seeking damages, costs, and to have us banned from publishing reports about Simpson's criminal and allegedly predatorial behaviour on our social media sites and dedicated website, YanivTrial.com.

In other words, after Simpson’s physical attacks on my colleague David Menzies and former colleague Keean Bexte didn’t shut Rebel News up, this bogus lawsuit sought to have a judge do Simpson’s bidding instead.

Among other unsubstantiated claims, Simpson accused Rebel News of harassment and being defamatory, and tarnishing Simpson’s so-called “valued and unblemished reputation in the province of British Columbia, and elsewhere in Canada and throughout the world.”

On July 12, however, the Hon. Justice Milman, who presided over the matter in B.C. Supreme court, saw right through such rhetoric. In Milman’s reasons for judgment, he states that Simpson’s reputation was not previously ‘unblemished’” and that the evidence Rebel News provided to the courts proved that Simpson “was already the target of extensive adverse publicity from other sources,” making Rebel News “only one of many voices conveying a similar message.”

That’s right, if anyone is to blame for Simpson’s tarnished reputation, it’s not the messengers. It’s Simpson.

The most widely reported matter involving Simpson is the series of lawsuits brought forward by Simpson, that resulted in Simpson being infamously coined the “wax my balls guy.” Simpson filed 16 human rights complaints against female aestheticians who declined to wax Simpson’s male genitalia predominantly for cultural and religious reasons.

Eventually, as Simpson’s run-ins with the law became more violent and allegedly predatory — making it harder to mold such actions into advocacy for transgender rights — state-backed media, even locally, became quiet about Simpson. This includes stories of national public interest, such as Simspon brandishing a prohibited weapon for millions to see on the popular American YouTube star Blair White’s channel, serious allegations that Simpson had been sending sexually explicit messages to children, and Simpson violently attacking journalists (David Menzies and Keean Bexte) while they were reporting about such public safety concerns.

Justice Milman, however, did not shy away from publicly discussing Simpson's behaviour. Included in Milman’s reasons for judgment are some excerpts from the Vancouver Human Right’s Tribunal (HRT) findings for those complaints. The excerpts show evidence of “racial animosity” Simpson may have held against the immigrant women of colour that the human rights cases were targeted at.

One example can be seen in an excerpt from a tweet of Simpsons, which read:

“We have a lot of immigrants here who gawk and judge and aren't exactly the cleanest people.

“They're also verbally and physically abusive, that's one main reason why I joined a girls gym, cause I DON'T want issues with these people, nor do I want anything to do with them in anyway, shape or form.”

Adding that they lie and will “do anything to support their own kind and make things miserable for everyone else.”

A questionably coincidental side note is that around the time I was recently preparing for my report to inform the public that Simpson finally received a criminal record for threatening to kill child protection activist Chris Elston, after previously receiving two lenient conditional discharges for two prior criminal offences which Simpson committed, a racist and inappropriate Twitter account under my name was put up. Shortly after we reported the account, Twitter removed it — but we also noticed that Simpson’s highly-followed Twitter account had been suspended, or removed as well.

Milman’s judgment also details inconsistencies with Simpson’s claims around being disabled, and the evidence of sexually explicit text messages that Simpson allegedly sent to teenage girls, including asking one if they would like to see “kid porn”, and the video-recorded physical attacks on Rebel News journalists.      

After combing through Simpson’s lawsuit against Rebel News and hearing arguments from the top notch lawyers from Owen Bird Law Corporation, who we hired thanks to your donations at YanivTrial.com to meticulously defend us against every accusation from Simpson, the case was dismissed.

While Justice Milman criticized our journalistic approach, for which each of our journalists independently and uniquely differs, as “highly offensive to many”, the justice “concluded that Rebel News has met its burden to show that this action arises from expression relating to a matter of public interest,” stating that he is “satisfied that some members of the public would have a genuine interest in knowing about those things, if true, inasmuch as they can fairly be said to 'affect the welfare of citizens.'”

In the end, Justice Milman’s ruling is a win for freedom of the press and freedom of expression. It allows us to continue to practice journalism that isn’t designed to prevent the radically woke left’s feelings from being hurt, or even the conservative right for that matter. Instead, it’s designed to keep you informed on the current affairs and matters of public interest that journalists who do cater to a political agenda choose to ignore.

A special thank you to all who made this win possible by donating what you could at the website Yaniv failed to take down in court, YanivTrail.com. Unfortunately, our legal battles with Simpson are not over as we are still supporting both the lawsuit for when Simpson assaulted Bexte, and attacked Menzies with a cane. If you are able to do so, please donate what you can to help us afford to fight, and to let the subjects of our reports know that they won’t get off easy by assaulting our journalists.

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