Trans activist finally receives a criminal record after 3rd criminal offence

Jessica Simpson, the trans activist and repeat offender formally known as Johnathan Yaniv, has finally been given a criminal record after being found guilty of a third criminal offence.

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The decision came down on June 29 in a Surrey, British Columbia provincial courthouse after Jessica Simpson, who legally changed their name from Jonathan Yaniv to Jessica Yaniv before settling on Jessica Simpson, accepted a plea deal resulting in mischief charges being dropped but pleaded guilty to one count of uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm.

The crime of uttering threats was committed in October 2020, when Simpson threatened to kill activist Chris Elston, who has been coined “Billboard Chris” after playing a role in putting up an “I ♥️ JK Rowling” billboard to celebrate the author who had been speaking on issues of potential risks to children from novel hormone therapy practices like the medical transitioning of children.

Simpson/Yaniv’s death threat isn’t the only time Elston has faced danger while advocating for children and parental rights. In March 2021, Elston was violently attacked by a pack of thugs in Montreal while peacefully wearing a sign that read “children cannot consent to puberty blockers.”

Unique to the guilty sentence in the case of Simpson and Elston is that this time around, a judge ordered that Simpson have a criminal record.

In the previous two cases where Simpson/Yaniv was guilty of committing a criminal offence, including assaulting my former colleague Keean Bexte while he was reporting for Rebel News, a rare conditional discharge with no criminal record was handed to Simpson/Yaniv after the Crown argued various reasons why this should be the case, including claims that Simpson/Yaniv has been bullied due to identifying as a trans woman.

In today's interview, I sat down with Elston and a legal advocate named Kari Simpson, who has been by his side through the ordeal and talked about what happened in court before the sentencing.

Also, stay tuned for my next report which details the exciting legal win we just had, and was made possible by those of you who donate at where a judge tossed out Simpson’s defamation lawsuit against us at Rebel News.

Unfortunately, informing the public about this individual’s many run-ins with the law and the leniency Simpson/Yaniv often receives from the courts is very costly. We’ve had to hire bodyguards to keep our journalists safe, and we are still supporting the two lawsuits involving Bexte and my colleague David Menzies, who was also attacked by Simpson/Yaniv. If you are able to chip in to help us recoup and cover some of those costs please head donate what you can at

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  • By Drea Humphrey


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