Montreal thugs attack activist who opposes puberty blockers for kids

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Can children consent to using puberty blockers? Really think about that question for a moment.

Can a child, whose portion of their brain responsible for good judgement won’t be fully developed until their mid-twenties, actually be expected to anticipate the physical and psychological consequences associated with believing that something is inherently wrong with their body and appearance, requiring medical intervention?

Should that child then be subjected to having teachers and doctors groom that belief into action, by blocking the natural development of the child’s body with the use of controversial treatments, the effects of which are still largely untested for children diagnosed with gender dysphoria?

I believe the answer to these questions is “no.”

There, I said it. I have written out a statement of belief about a controversial treatment we’d be negligent not to discuss democratically and in-depth. Yet, doing so in Canada doesn’t always come without a price.

My last report was on a Vancouver father who was jailed after sharing facts while warning parents about the circumstances surrounding his child’s gender transition. Now today, I report to you about another father from the Vancouver area who was viciously assaulted for spreading a similar message.

On March 12, Chris Elston, an activist against the prescription of puberty blockers for children, was attacked in Montreal while wearing a sign that read “children cannot consent to puberty blockers.”

Elston suffered a broken arm and bloodied face from the assault, and is still on the mend right now. Although this was definitely the most violent attack Elston has suffered for his peaceful style of activism on the controversial topic, it’s not the only way people have tried to silence his message and his freedom of speech.

I first reported on Elston after he and another activist paid for a huge “I heart JK Rowling” billboard to go up in Vancouver, as Rowling has also been a strong advocate for children not being able to consent to such controversial treatments.

The sign outraged Vancouver City Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung, who then made it her mission to have it removed. Not too surprising, since Kirby-Yung played a key role in defunding one of Vancouver’s longest standing rape shelters because they wouldn’t allow biological males who identify as women to have a bed alongside women who had been raped and assaulted by male bodies.

Elston also had his life threatened by violent offender Jonathan Yaniv, a transgender woman who goes by Jessica Simpson. Yaniv is best known for suing immigrant women that were uncomfortable shaving his male genitalia, as well as multiple allegations of inappropriate, lewd conduct with young girls that have been levelled against him.

Even with all of the hate Elston receives, you’ll see him explain in my full report why such attacks will not stop him from educating parents about the harms of what is being prescribed to children with gender dysphoria, and the concerning spike in young girls who are becoming trans-identified through the school system.

We also urge anyone who believes they have information about the thugs who attacked Elston in Montreal to let us know at [email protected].

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  • By David Menzies

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