New year, old Yaniv: Jonathan Yaniv facing NEW criminal charges for threats, mischief

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Will 2021 finally be the year where justice is finally served for the infamous Jessica Simpson, formally known as Jonathan Yaniv?

On December 30, broke the news that a warrant was out for the arrest of Yaniv. We have since confirmed that while the rest of us were bringing in the New Year, Yaniv spent New Year’s Day being arrested on three new charges.

Yaniv, who is probably best known for identifying as a transgender woman, sees nothing wrong with filing human rights suits against female estheticians who refused to handle and shave Yaniv’s male genitalia. However, Yaniv also has a history of violence, including assaulting two of my Rebel News colleagues.

Yaniv’s history of being a danger to others includes assaulting my colleague, Keean Bexte with a punch to the head, and another colleague, David Menzies with a whack by pink walking cane.

According to Corporal Holly Largy of the Langley RCMP, “the warrant that was issued for Yaniv, was executed on January 1. The warrant was unendorsed and that Simpson was released on an undertaking with conditions.”

The offences on the warrant that led to Yaniv’s arrest included two charges of public mischief, and one for uttering threats, all stemming from an incident that occurred on October 22, 2019, where Yaniv threatened to kill B.C. activist Chris Elston.

You may know Elston as “Billboard Chris” for his controversial signs about gender ideology and whether or not children have the ability to consent to life changing hormone treatments, or for his role in putting up the huge “I love J.K. Rowling” billboard on Hastings and Glen Drive in Vancouver.

Click here to watch me interview Elston about what happened the day Yaniv threatened to end his life.

We have two costly lawsuits pending against Yaniv for the vicious assaults on my colleagues David Menzies and Keean Bexte, simply because they were bringing you reports just like this one.

If you agree that our journalists should be safe when bringing you the other side of the story, and that Yaniv should be held accountable for such actions, please donate to our legal costs at

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  • By Drea Humphrey


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