Kris Sims on carbon tax hike protest: 'CTF has been fighting this forever'

'The tide has turned, it's turning on the carbon tax and I don't think that the Trudeau government can sustain this kind of pressure for that much longer,' said Kris Sims, Alberta Director of the CTF.

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Last night on The Gunn Show, Sheila asked Kris Sims, who is the Alberta Director at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), about her feelings regarding the nationwide protests on April 1 against the carbon tax hike.

Sheila knew Kris was out there just doing her little solo protest. There were also thousands of Canadians out in small towns and big cities, like Vancouver and Ottawa, although Ottawa was becoming a bit of a conservative protest hub lately, Sheila said. But in spite of the fact that the federal government didn't like it when conservatives were out protesting on the street, they considered it a national emergency.

Sheila was at a protest in Lloydminster and said "it was great." Many people there voiced how they really felt about Justin Trudeau.

"But how did it make you feel as someone who objects to taxes, generally speaking?" Sheila asked Kris.

"You know, it's been something that the CTF has been fighting since it was first hatched in British Columbia way back in 2008 by then Liberal BC Premier Gordon Campbell," Kris responded.

"And that's how it slid under the door in Canada, by the way, because they sold it as revenue neutral and to be fair, it was for the first year or so because they did a corresponding income tax cut. But like an alligator, these things grow and then they eat your family. So that's exactly what's happened with the carbon tax now," she added.

Kris noted that the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) has long fought against the carbon tax. She found it wonderful to witness people from all political backgrounds speaking out against it, as evidenced by recent polling indicating that around 70% of Canadians either want the tax frozen or scrapped.

She also highlighted the significant support from provincial premiers, including the NDP Premier of Manitoba and the Liberal Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, further illustrating the widespread opposition to the tax.

Kris also mentioned her own participation in a solo protest and media interviews, emphasizing the high gasoline prices in places like Vancouver. She believed that the tide was turning against the carbon tax and speculated that the Trudeau government might struggle to sustain its support for it.

"We're not letting go of this one, which is very interesting, especially when you see this fight going on between Trudeau and the Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador," Kris said.

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