Kyle Rittenhouse on gun control, right to self-defence: 'That firearm saved my life'

Rebel News spoke with Rittenhouse at Turning Point USA's Young Women's Leadership Summit 2022 in Dallas, Texas.

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Rebel News was present at the Young Women's Leadership Summit 2022, an event hosted by Turning Point USA in Dallas, Texas that aims to promote women in leadership and conservative values.

During this three day event, we managed to interview many high-profile individuals. In a surprise twist, on Friday, June 3, it was announced that Kyle Rittenhouse would attend and speak with the press.

Kyle Rittenhouse became well-known after videos surfaced during the Kenosha riots of 2020, where he was present to assist his community and was forced to defend himself against a mob after they tried to burn down a gas station.

His life-threatening encounter with the mob ended with Rittenhouse killing two people and injuring another in an act of self-defence. His court case was massively viewed throughout the country and was seen by many as a case that perfectly defined what the right to self-defence represents in the United States.

Key speakers that brought footage leading to the jury's verdict of not guilty included Drew Hernandez, host of Turning Point USA's Frontlines, as well as Richie McGinniss, chief video director for The Daily Caller.

Rebel News spoke with Rittenhouse about his experience in Kenosha.

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