Legal protesting in the face of government overreach: Insights from a seasoned lawyer

The Democracy Fund's litigation director sheds light on how activists can avoid legal trouble with more restrictions being placed on protesting in Canada.

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Closed churches, vaccine mandates, and state-funded drag queen story times— are just some examples of how new forms of government overreach have given rise to new types of protests.

But is there a smarter way to protest?

In today's report, I bring you a sit-down interview with Alan Honner, an Ontario-based lawyer with a wide breadth of experience representing clients in trials, appeals, and judicial reviews.

Since March 2022, Honner has been serving as the litigation director of The Democracy Funda charity that has championed many legal battles for the underdogs of Canada.

Whether it's pastors like Artur Pawlowski or Phil Hutchings, who were thrown in jail for keeping houses of the Lord open during lockdowns, or prominent leaders of Canada's freedom movements like the Freedom Convoy's Tamara Lich, the Democracy Fund and the generous donors behind them have helped those who’ve stood in the gap to protect for our freedoms.

I caught up with Honner in Victoria at the recent Reclaiming Canada Conference where he was invited as a speaker. For those concerned about the state of Canada and wanting to know how best to take action, I decided to get Honner's tips on legal protest. Watch my discussion with Honner to hear what he had to say.

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