LEGAL UPDATE: Emergency Responders vs. Alberta Health Services

Lawyer Derek From has been challenging Alberta Health Services on behalf of unvaccinated emergency responders at no cost to them thanks to your donations.

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Paramedics and firefighters were among the health-care workers lauded for labouring away tirelessly at the beginning of COVID-19, but suddenly all of that was forgotten when the vaccines arrived.

It didn’t matter if you had a medical exemption, were willing to get regular testing, had existing antibodies from a prior COVID-19 infection or had a religious exemption, Alberta Health Services simply didn’t seem to care.

It was going to be get the jab or lose your job.

Sadly, many in society who, just mere weeks prior, were calling these health-care workers heroes were vilifying them as extremists and conspiracy theorists. Alberta Health Services even put many of them on unpaid leave.

All for daring not to be injected with a questionable vaccine.

Not only was Alberta Health Services unwilling to look at the very reasonable exemptions being provided by these firefighters and paramedics, but they were also hesitant to even let them take a daily test to ensure they were not spreading COVID-19. We know that vaccinated people can spread this sickness, a person who has just tested negative certainly cannot… they are just about the safest person to be around.

Despite the glaring lack of logic behind their policies, AHS simply didn’t want to hear it.

Unsurprisingly, laying off a meaningful portion of emergency responders had the entirely-predictable consequence of contributing to ambulance shortages and reduced quality health care and emergency medical care. As a result of this increased demand and legal action brought on behalf of emergency responders via, AHS budged on its fervent no testing alternative and there has been some leeway made in getting these people back to work.

Lawyer Derek From, who has been challenging AHS on behalf of these emergency responders at no cost to them thanks to your donations at, joined me to discuss the legal process and how the pressure generated from this legal action has already garnered some meaningful progress for a group of frontline heroes.

If you want to chip in to their legal battle, and get a tax receipt for your donation from The Democracy Fund, got to

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  • By Ezra Levant

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