Legal update on Pastor Artur's recent arrest for disturbing the peace, trespassing

To break down the latest legal action on the Pastor Artur Pawlowski case and to get a look at what's ahead, I was joined by Artur's lawyer Sarah Miller for an interview.

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Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers, who has been defending Pastor Artur Pawlowski since his first arrest at no cost to him thanks to your donations at, is a brilliant and hardworking lawyer.

Moreover, Sarah has a heart for underdogs and for the marginalized. That is exactly what Pastor Artur has become as a result of the ongoing political and judicial campaign against him.

Artur is very fortunate to have Sarah in his corner as he endures the legal fight of his life after being arrested for a fourth time, this time on a warrant for several seemingly spurious charges, among them, disturbing the peace and trespassing.

It is shocking to think that opening your church and feeding the homeless, who, by the way, don’t stop needing help just because COVID-19 shows up, could garner the ire of authorities to so dramatic an extent.

The way that Pastor Artur is being treated just doesn’t make sense.

The warrants for the latest arrest stem from an incident in December where Artur, who has a medical mask exemption, was attempting to gather his mail from a Canada Post office but was refused accommodation.

Artur himself contacted police to help him retrieve his mail and ultimately filed a human rights complaint over the incident and moved on with his life. Or he thought he had until last week’s arrest.

Artur has attended numerous public events, his address is known to police, his lawyer Sarah is known to police, but they never enacted the warrant or contacted Pastor Artur. Then, last week he was arrested, seemingly arbitrarily, while making his way home from a protest in Leduc, Alberta.

It just doesn’t add up.

To break down the latest legal action on the Pastor Artur Pawlowski case and for a look at what lies ahead, I was joined by Sarah Miller for an interview.

We will also have an exclusive interview with Pastor Artur coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that. If you want to help pay Pastor Artur’s legal fees you can do so at

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