LET US WORK! Alberta rallies to end the lockdowns — let's get the whole country moving again!

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Yesterday, I attended a protest at the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton. It was organized by a group called End the Lockdown Alberta.

Michael Banner, the group’s spokesperson, works in risk assessment and he says that it is time to find a way to re-open the economy and that the lockdown must end to save the livelihoods of Albertans.

Roughly three hundred people showed up to demand that Jason Kenney’s UCP government relax its rules that limit the maximum number of people allowed at gatherings from 15 to 50. They're not asking for much!

Albertans also want the government to reopen provincial parks and playgrounds, to allow restaurants to reopen at 50 per cent capacity, and to allow places of worship to let worshippers back into their pews. Also, in typical Albertan fashion, a truck convoy broke out led by United We Roll.

Saskatchewan is already reopening in a staggered approach. But Alberta hasn't announced a thing, despite the fact that Kenney says a plan is coming soon.

I waded into the protest to find out why Albertans were risking severe fines from the police to protest the lockdown regulations. (No-one received a ticket despite the mass flouting of anti-gathering laws.)

I met severely normal Albertans who are worried about their freedom and the future. They don't want government welfare and they don't want handouts. They're worried about the dangerous consequences of putting a healthy workforce out of work, and the unemployment, suicide, depression, and domestic violence that that can bring.

So, something has to be done. It’s time to figure out a way — immediately, without any delay — to let people go back to work.

Dentists, hairdressers, welders, and car dealerships must be allowed to do what other big-box retailers are doing. They must be allowed to follow new guidelines about distancing and re-open for business — because ALL JOBS are essential to those who hold them. 

That's why we've started a petition to send a message to our politicians — to Justin Trudeau, our provincial leaders across the country, and to our increasingly tyrannical municipal governments — at this website, LetUsWork.ca.

People need the dignity of work. Governments should focus strained resources on those who need it and let the healthy out of quarantine to rebuild what we have lost and to kick-start the economy. 

Ending the #coronavirus lockdown in a responsible way is the BIGGEST issue facing Canada today.

So, let’s make this the biggest petition in Canadian history. Add your name today, pass it on to all of your friends and family, and post LetUsWork.ca as your Facebook status.

Let’s get BACK to work!

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  • By Ezra Levant

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