Liberals hand out $14.4 million to support climate change news coverage

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Have you ever noticed that when you read articles in the mainstream media they feel more like advertorials — paid advertising masquerading as news?

That because sometimes they are advertorials for the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. You just weren't told the truth about it.

Last year, the Liberals dished out 50 million dollars to “support local news” but almost 15 million of that wasn't going to cover local and municipal issues at all. Instead it was going to push the Liberal's “pay a carbon tax or we're all gonna die” agenda.

Blacklock’s Reporter has the details:

Records by the Canadian News Media Association, a publishers’ trade group, show subsidies were paid for climate change coverage. The Association received a $14.4 million grant last year.

Successful applicants for subsidies included The Narwhal, a Whitehorse periodical that wrote: “It seems like British Columbia is always on fireThe Narwhal tracks government commitments to climate change and separates the wheat from the chaff.” Narwhal stories include one headlined: “Meet The Alberta Climate Activists Who Say They’re Not Scared Of Jason Kenney”.

Nunavut’s Nunatsiaq News also received a grant to have a reporter cover the Canadian High Arctic Research Station, “a key institution for the study of the effects of climate change on the Arctic.” The Winnipeg Free Press was paid to hire a reporter “dedicated to climate change”, though the daily stressed in its grant application that coverage would be balanced.

That explains a peculiar op-ed published without a byline in the Winnipeg Free Press headlined "Time to Silence the Voices of Denial. The Free Press sold out the free press for a couple of coins in their tin cup from Trudeau.

Canadians have been unwittingly consuming bought and paid for Government propaganda and not one of Trudeau's pet publishers divulged who they've been working for.

You just can't trust the mainstream media.

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  • By David Menzies

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