Martial arts to the mayor's office: Robbie Picard on Sandy Bowman's Fort McMurray win

Oil Sands Strong organizer Robbie Picard joins The Gunn Show to talk about Fort McMuarry's new mayor, former mixed martial artist and gym owner Sandy Bowman.

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The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo recently held municipal elections and voted in a new mayor. The municipality, the second largest in Alberta in terms of size and home to Fort McMurray and the Athabasca oil sands, chose former mixed martial artist and gym owner Sandy Bowman as the new mayor.

Robbie Picard, the organizer behind Oil Sands Strong, helped Bowman run his campaign and joined last week's episode of The Gunn Show to discuss what Bowman's win means for the people of Fort McMurray and the Wood Buffalo region.

After being involved in Bowman's campaign, Robbie told Sheila why he thinks Bowman is the perfect man for the job:

The people of Fort McMurray chose and I believe in six months time Sandy Bowman will be the best mayor Fort McMurray's ever had and arguably one of the best in the country. And I'll tell you why: because he has a good temper.

So when we were filming [an ad] and I was trying to get him to be a bit more excited in the video, I remember looking at him, [telling him] you're too monotone, you're too calm.

So, I looked at him and I said, look, I'm going to kick your ass, right? Thinking I could activate the [mixed martial artist] in him and get a reaction, and he simply looked at me, and didn't flinch, and went you couldn't kick my ass. 

And at that moment I knew he'd be a good mayor because he's going to be level headed, he's going to be calm, he's not going to overreact. And yeah, we have a pro-oil, ATV-loving, MMA-fighting, barbecuing — and he also likes the arts too, and he's very funny, very good looking.

The best mayor ever.   

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