Massive Calgary rally opposes mandates and applauds truckers

Many attendees were happy to see the Restrictions Exemption Program ended by Jason Kenney, with virtually all crediting the positive results to the truckers.

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On Saturday, thousands of Calgarians once again took to Central Memorial Park to rally against vaccine mandates and to show support for truckers across Canada who have undeniably shifted public and political opinions on vaccine mandates.

Despite Justin Trudeau’s unscientific steadfastness when it comes to pushing vaccines and ineffective restrictions, many politicians who have been apathetic or altogether complicit in lockdown culture are finally beginning to call for mandates and restrictions to end.

One of the most notable things about the gathering, aside from the usual friendly faces and comradery, was the reaction from folks at various venues along trendy 17th Ave. to the protesters as they peacefully marched through the streets.

Mere weeks ago, rude gestures and profanities were being directed towards the protest by these very same people. But now, seemingly because of the cultural shift led largely by the truckers, those sitting at outdoor patios and in trendy cafés were not shouting rudely in opposition; instead, they were shouting in support of the message of freedom.

The only profanities I heard were being directed not toward the people marching, but instead, and on more than one occasion, towards Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The tide is undoubtedly shifting.

While many I spoke with were happy to see the Restrictions Exemption Program ended by Premier Jason Kenney, and with virtually all crediting the positive results to the truckers, there was an underlying apprehension towards trusting that mandates were going for good.

Many lost their jobs over their vaccination status and never received severance, masking mandates remain in effect for most of the population and for many there are just too many ifs and buts in the air to believe that Kenney plans to move towards freedom for good.

While some restrictions are being lifted, this is no time to let your guard down. With your help, The Democracy Fund will hire lawyers to fight for those who were shown the door after years of service without severance simply because of their vaccination status and will continue to challenge vaccine mandates in court.

If you want to help not only end vaccine mandates and pursue justice for those who’ve suffered as a result of them, make a tax-receipt eligible donation to The Democracy Fund today at



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  • By Ezra Levant

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