WATCH: McGowan's era of FEAR and INTIMIDATION still haunts WA

Western Australia is a state of confusion and uncertainty as Mark McGowan bows out. Avi Yemini asks a prominent law professor what WA can expect as the state deals with the lasting impact of authoritarian politics.

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Western Australia's Premier Mark McGowan resignation has left the state bewildered and searching for answers.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Augusto Zimmermann, a renowned law professor, to shed light on the situation for the rest of the country.

McGowan, often hailed in the mainstream media as a charismatic leader, rose to popularity and infamy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, as Zimmermann explains, his success was built on fear and intimidation rather than genuine leadership.

The opposition failed to provide a strong alternative, allowing McGowan's oppressive regime to flourish.

Zimmermann boldly asserts that those who supported this agenda must be removed from politics, as they betrayed the cause of liberty and fundamental rights.

The perplexity surrounding McGowan's resignation extends beyond Western Australia. Comparisons are drawn to Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, known for his association with McGowan and his mismanagement of the state's finances.

McGowan's ability to avoid debt due to the region's natural resources only adds to the mystery surrounding his departure.

Contrary to the popular perception, Zimmermann reveals the dark side of McGowan's tenure.

While he was praised for his handling of the pandemic, the economy paid a steep price. He said that desperation now plagues the streets, with an increasing number of homeless and destitute individuals.

The once vibrant commerce hubs have transformed into ghost towns, and the mining industry alone cannot sustain the entire economy.

Zimmermann exposed McGowan's exploitative tactics, highlighting his use of fear and dehumanisation to maintain control.

The professor painted a grim picture of a society manipulated by a leader who capitalised on people's dread of the pandemic.

However, as time passed and the economy suffered, the effectiveness of this strategy dwindled. People are waking up to the reality of their situation, and McGowan's time in power has reached its expiration date.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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