Melbourne cop CHARGED over sickening assault

Constable caught on film in viral video to face justice

Melbourne cop CHARGED over sickening assault
A scene from the assault which went viral in September 2021
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The police officer caught on film assaulting a protester at Flinders Street Station has been charged.

The 36-year-old male officer has been charged on summons to appear before court at a later date,” read a statement from Victoria Police.

A senior constable was caught on camera walking up to a Freedom protester (who was calmly speaking with other police officers, before the constable grabbed onto the man’s shoulders and threw him to the ground with such force that the man’s head smashed into the tiled floor.

The scenes shocked the public as the video went viral across social media, forcing Victorian Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton to investigate the senior constable via the Professional Commands Standard.

I don’t know what the full circumstances are. There’s always context to everything.”

It was not an isolated violent incident, with Victorian Police accused of using excessive force against the protesters when an old woman was knocked to the ground and sprayed in the face, other protesters were shot at close range with rubber bullets, while film surfaced of protesters on the ground being repeatedly hit with rifles.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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