Melbourne council demands residents stop eating meat to save the planet

One of Australia's most radical councils unveils its new plan to convert residents to vegetarianism to combat the 'looming climate crisis.'

Melbourne council demands residents stop eating meat to save the planet
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One of Australia's wokest councils, which governs inner-city Melbourne suburbs such as Richmond, Collingwood, and Fitzroy, has urged its residents to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle as part of its "Climate Emergency Plan."

Yarra City Council's 81-page document, passed unanimously on Tuesday night, outlines strategies to tackle the "looming climate and ecological crisis."

The 2024-2030 plan recommends that residents "act on the climate emergency" by transitioning to plant-based diets, utilising active and public transportation and practising conscious consumption of resources.

"There is substantial evidence to suggest that the emissions associated with current dietary patterns—particularly the high and increasing rate of consumption of animal products—are likely to make it impossible to limit global heating to 1.5°C," the plan claims, stressing that shifting to plant-based diets is "crucial" in addressing the "climate emergency."

Highlighting the detrimental impacts of animal product consumption, the plan cites deforestation, methane emissions from livestock, and the associated transportation and refrigeration as significant concerns.

In addition, the council recommends residents switch their superannuation and banking to institutions that avoid fossil fuel investments.

This contentious move aligns with their broader agenda to "combat climate change" and "decolonise" Melbourne's landscape.

The council claims the plan represents their commitment to climate action and a more "equitable society."

"For Council, consideration of the climate emergency must be embedded into all decision-making, so our assets, services, operations, and policies actively reduce emissions," it stated.

Key targets include increasing the percentage of people travelling by scooter and bike by 20% by 2027 and 40% by 2032. The plan also reaffirms the council's commitment to integrating Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung knowledge into land management practices.

Yarra City Council was one of the first in Australia to declare a climate emergency and became the first Victorian council to achieve carbon-neutral status in 2012.

The new plan aims to plant 200 native trees annually to support native wildlife, including the grey-headed flying fox, and reduce resource-intensive maintenance.

"An adequate climate emergency response means rethinking our relationship with nature," the plan concluded.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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