Migrant crisis spiraling out of control in New York City

President of the United States Joe Biden lifted Title 42 on May 11 and illegal migrants are now flooding into the United States.

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Title 42 was put in place during the pandemic to help the authorities turn back illegal aliens and to stop the spread of Covid-19. Since Joe Biden finally removed the last health restrictions in the USA, he also thought it would be smart to remove this essential deportation tool at his border.

We also are in the process of setting up offices in Colombia and other places where you could — or someone seeking asylum can go first. So, it remains to be seen. It’s going to be chaotic for a while,” said Joe Biden about the ending of Title 42.

Since then, the migrant crisis has gotten even more out of control. Now, thousands of migrants are being shipped by buses to hotels which are being used to lodge these illegals, as are schools and other facilities. The National Guard has also been observed in some hotels to help manage this migrant crisis.

Eric Adams, mayor of New York, was on Fox 5 to talk about the migrant crisis. He mentioned that it is a national problem and that he doesn’t know where Joe Biden is to deal with it.

Now it seems that Eric Adams doesn’t want NYC to be called a sanctuary city anymore. He is now asking a judge to revisit the law concerning the sanctuary city status as the problem becomes overwhelming and costly.

This is what we were expecting, yet no one wants to talk about it. Migrants are flooding into the USA and eventually this will spill over into Canada.

The safety and stability of our country is being compromised. If we don't show what's happening no one will. Go to MigrantReports.com and donate if you can. 

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