MP Marc Dalton speaks out against British Columbia’s healthcare worker vaccine mandates

Even though Dalton is a federal politician, he is using his platform to speak about his province's mandates.

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In this report, I sit down to interview the twice-elected Conservative MP for Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows, Marc Dalton, about the province of British Columbia’s ongoing vaccine mandates for healthcare workers.

While many provinces across the country are returning normalcy to their citizens by repealing COVID-19 mandates, British Columbia created a new mandate for all regulated healthcare workers. Additionally, the province has also shown no intention of revoking their orders from last year, that resulted in B.C. losing more frontline healthcare workers to vaccine mandates than any other province in Canada.

“Is this really the correct path for healthcare in our province?” Dalton asked in a letter he addressed to the province's premier, John Horgan, dated March 7, 2022. 

The letter strongly urged the province to reconsider such mandates, and highlights some of the challenges “dedicated and hard-working people” who have been “on the frontlines of this pandemic for the last two years” have faced regardless of their vaccination status, and professionals who oppose such mandates being hesitant to come forward publicly “due to personal and professional repercussions or becoming another victim in todays cancel culture.”

Dalton was one of the first federal MPs to publicly question the politically correct narrative, when he dared to question whether the government should re-open the economy back in April 2020, considering the vast majority of COVID-19 deaths were in care homes. More recently, Dalton spoke out in Parliament on behalf of his vaccine injured constituents who have been stigmatized and discriminated against by COVID-19 mandates.

“Whether you are vaccinated, or unvaccinated doesn’t make any difference as far as you getting COVID” Dalton said while referencing a recent letter Vancouver Coastal Health sent out to the University of British Columbia stating such.

That and the fact that such mandates “[impact] all of us” are some of the reasons Dalton felt compelled to use his voice to represent his constituents by speaking out about about the provincial healthcare mandates, even though he is a federal politician.

Last September, close to 10,000 Canadians peacefully protested in Vancouver against health care mandates that ordered thousands of medical professionals to stay home, instead of saving lives, will politicians like Dalton be able to get them back to work?

Like Dalton, you can use your voice to call for an end to these mandates by signing our petition asking the provincial government to do just that at If you’re tired of the medical apartheid that vaccine passports caused in Canada, and want to help set a legal precedent so that they will never return, please make a charitable donation to The Democracy Fund to help fund their COVID vaccine related cases at

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  • By Ezra Levant

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