Nazi salutes and symbols set to be banned in Victoria

New legislation targets the public display of Nazi symbols with hefty fines and jail time.

Nazi salutes and symbols set to be banned in Victoria
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Victorian individuals who deliberately make a Nazi salute could be met with stringent punishments if a newly introduced bill is approved.

The Victorian government believes these reforms will curb "hate-driven actions" and address the "damage such behaviours inflict on the wider community".

Should the legislation be enacted, law enforcement will gain the authority to instruct individuals to eliminate Nazi insignias from public view, including instances at demonstrations or protests.

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Violators risk receiving fines exceeding $23,000, potential imprisonment up to a year, or both. The state’s Attorney-General, Jaclyn Symes, expressed firm opposition against promoting hateful ideologies, saying, "We have zero tolerance for promoting such harmful beliefs". She further stated, "Individuals using these icons and motions to spread hatred, menace, and sow division will be made answerable for their spineless actions."

"Even though we hoped such laws wouldn't be required, we remain resolute in confronting antisemitism, prejudice, and bigotry. Every Victorian has the right to feel embraced, secure and welcomed."

The prohibition encompasses a wide array of emblems and motions associated with the historic Nazi Party and its factions.

However, allowances are in place for genuine academic, creative, educational, or scientific presentations.

This move by the Victorian government follows its prior year's initiative to restrict the public exhibition of Nazi symbols and the federal government's announcement last June to do the same.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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