Nurse quits rather than work for unethical Alberta Healthcare system

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Socialized medicine means rationed medicine and care that is in a constant state of shortage. And yet, the Alberta government through Alberta Health Services has mandated that all health care workers must be vaccinated by Nov 30, 2021. Workers who do not comply be placed on unpaid leave.

That date was recently pushed back from October 31, 2021, as protests take place across the country in support of a frontline healthcare workers and their bodily autonomy.

Frontline healthcare workers as heroes for 20 months, as they worked unvaccinated but now their own employers are manipulating them into rejecting their own code of ethics regarding informed consent and coercion.

Today you will meet a nurse who has served rural Alberta communities and has a passion for helping people. However, she resigned her position with Alberta Health Services and is working in a private health care capacity because she cannot in good conscience work for an agency she says is unethical.

Rebel News, through a partnership with the registered Canadian charity The Democracy Fund and through your crowdfunding donations, is taking 20 strategic lawsuits in jurisdictions all across the country to fight back against medical segregation.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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