One-third of Canadian hunters rely on firearms for food: Documents

Documents obtained by Blacklock's Reporter from Public Safety Canada indicate the ministry is keenly aware the Liberals' sweeping hunting gun ban won't make people safer, but it might make them hungrier.

One-third of Canadian hunters rely on firearms for food
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The internal report, Firearms Public Awareness Campaign: Firearms Owners, was commissioned by Public Safety to "better understand firearms owners and their attitudes." Survey data was provided to the Liberal government on March 31, 2022, 6 full months prior to the announcement of the new centre-fire semi-automatic and shotgun prohibitions.

Accordong to the report:

They (firearms owners) are worried about the public’s view of firearms owners and that non-owners may believe gun violence comes from licensed, law abiding owners rather than illegal activities such as black market trafficking,”

“The main reasons for owning firearms are target shooting for sport (39 percent), self-defence and safety (37 percent), hunting for sport (34 percent) and hunting for food (28 percent),”

“Other reasons include having a firearm that was a gift or inheritance or as part of a collection.”

“Most participants reported owning a few firearms that were typically hunting rifles,”

“They used their guns for game hunting, for shooting small animals such as birds on their farm or to defend themselves from predatory animals such as bears. Some also used their guns for sport shooting.”

Blacklock's notes that the findings of the report were the results of 12 focus groups and questionnaires with 2,001 gun owners nationwide by Environics Research, costing $223,528.

To call on the federal government to end their unreasonable and bigoted attacks on the law-abiding firearms community in Canada, please visit

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