OTTAWA THIS WEEK | Trudeau, Freeland try to survive Poilievre, ArriveCAN, Singh hypocrisy, more

What you missed from Ottawa this week. Trudeau and Freeland barely survive Poilievre’s attacks, while Mark Gerretsen has a meltdown. Conservatives explain the economy is the priority and ArriveCAN could be done soon.

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This week, new Conservative Party of Canada Leader Pierre Poilievre clashed with the Liberal Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland and rumours began circulating, indicating the ArriveCAN app will be lifted.

On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared the date a federal mourning day due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Therefore, the members of Parliament were set to sit on Tuesday instead. 

That same day, rumours claiming that the ArriveCAN app is set to be lifted by September 30 began emerging.

Consequently, on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, MPs were back in Parliament to debate and discuss, while Trudeau was nowhere to be seen. He was still flying around the world in his private jet. 

Poilievre’s first statement addressed the Liberals’ inflationary measures, tax hikes and more economic issues, blasting Trudeau’s party. “Why won’t they cancel these tax hikes?” he asked.

That same day, NDP MP Charlie Angus spoke about how much of a threat “disinformation and misinformation” is.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh claimed that the way Poilievre answered David Akin, Global News’ chief political correspondent, also known as a liberal heckler, showed “weakness.” 

The NDP leader consistently refuses to answer polite questions from Rebel News reporters. 

Still Tuesday, Rebel News reporter William Diaz-Berthiaume was in front of Parliament and asked Conservatives MPs what they believe should be the party’s main focus, and how they are feeling with Poilievre as their party’s leader. 

MP Michael Cooper spoke in length about his priorities as an MP, a situation caused by a CBC reporter where the state-funded outlet put pressure on him to fire Anaida Poiluevre, his then-assistant, and whether or not he believes Poilievre could win a majority government. 

Cooper also called Trudeau’s party a “failed and corrupt Liberal Party.”

On Wednesday, a heated Poilievre-Freeland exchange occurred, where the deputy PM accused the leader of the CPC as being misguided. Both talked about employment insurance and competed to figure out whether it was Stephen Harper or Justin Trudeau who had the lowest EI contributions.  

Following the rumours of a potential lifting of the ArriveCAN app, the mandatory vaccination tracking app for returning travellers to Canada, Liberal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra was questioned by reporters.

Michael Barrett, the Conservative MP for Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lake, spoke to reporters about the federal COVID mandates and the ArriveCAN app and seemed to have a different perspective from the transport minister. 

Barrett also touched on the New Democrats’ beloved so-called dental care plan, which he claims isn’t a dental care plan. “The government will be sending cheques to some folks,” he said.

His colleague, MP Kevin Waugh, also spoke with mainstream media reporters in West Block, where he had a tense exchange with them. Here, take a look for yourself. 

Come Thursday, a Conservative MP brought forward a petition demanding the end of the ArriveCan app. He stated that “petitioners are calling on the government and the minister of transport to end all federally-regulated COVID-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions.”

He also pointed out the fact that the vast majority of industrialized nations around the globe have lifted theirs, and rhetorically asked why the Canadian government still hasn't followed suit. 

Trudeau was also back in Parliament for the first time. His return was long awaited, and the Conservative leader did not wait a second to challenge him over the carbon tax and upcoming tax hike. 

As anticipated by anyone who regularly watches House of Commons proceedings, Trudeau did not answer the question.

Later, Liberal MP Mark Gerretsen had a meltdown over Michael Barrett saying the Liberals and NDP are “partners in crime,” contributing to what an NDP member of Parliament said was the “greedflation.”

Friday’s question period was also interesting. 

To view the full analysis, watch the video above!

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