Parents, teachers demand Vancouver School Board ban vaccines for children without parental consent

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Frustrated parents across the U.S. have recently been flooding into school boards, even taking their meetings over entirely, to demand the cessation of things like forced masking and race-shaming critical race theory in school.

On May 26, the Vancouver School Board had its own brush with a pack of parents demanding their right to consent to what happens to their children in public schools. Approximately 50 people entered the school board meeting to demand answers to their questions and concerns, mostly surrounding the real possibility that their children could be given the COVID-19 vaccine without parental consent.

The concerns of the crowd came after B.C.’s government announced that children aged 12 and up can receive Pfizer-BioNTech’s — FDA approved for emergency use only — vaccine, with or without parental consent. The B.C. Teachers Federation has also said that schools are a better place for children to be vaccinated, rather than community clinics.

“Our children are not lab rats! If many parents do not consent to this dangerous act, we should be able to choose and not be coerced. It is unacceptable for anyone on school grounds to impose it on our children behind our backs and bribe them with candy, toys, peer pressure and even teacher’s threats,” says Hila Russ-Woodland, the Vancouver based teacher and mother who organized the impromptu protest.

Russ-Woodland and other protesters say they are tired of not getting answers to the questions they say they have brought forward to the school board, and will now be serving notice of liabilities to school faculty members who could be involved in vaccinating their children without parental consent.

Click here to watch what the fed-up parents had to say when they entered the school board building. You’ll also hear from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom’s Litigation Director, Jay Cameron, who gives his legal opinion on the B.C. government’s use of the Infants Act to vaccinate children without parental consent.

Reached for comment, the Vancouver District School Board said, “Vaccination clinics for COVID-19 are not happening in Vancouver schools. For more details about the vaccination program, please contact Vancouver Coastal Health.”

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  • By Ezra Levant


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