INFURIATING VIDEO: Sydney police ARREST father of six for exercising outdoors — Help us fight back!

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Victor Tey is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. He’s a pastor, a father of six, and like many Australians he had his life locked down by politicians during the pandemic.

So Victor thought he’d engage in a form of peaceful protest — in the most gentle manner you can imagine. The lockdown rules permitted people to leave their homes for exercise. So Victor decided to go for a jog around the Parliament building wearing a headband that says “liberty”.

He complied fully with the law. But because of that headband and a small sign he carried with him, he was repeatedly arrested, fined, and he now faces criminal charges too.

Watch the video above — but be prepared to be infuriated.

What was he doing wrong?

If Victor were a Black Lives Matter activist the police wouldn’t have bothered him — they probably would have “taken a knee”. But because he dared to express his opposition to the lockdown — in a mild, humorous manner — they’re throwing the book at him.

Victor actually has five legal cases pending against him — three tickets and two criminal charges. He’s very calm about it, but he’s actually in great jeopardy.

This is wrong. And we’re going to help him. We’ve hired a senior lawyer, from one of Australia’s leading law firms, to fight the case for Victor. 

We’re doing what Australia's civil liberties associations won’t do — we’re standing up for democracy and civil rights for all.

Victor’s case is just the first one. In the past few days more than 40 Australians have filled out the form on our website to tell us about their outrageous fines and charges. We’re going to take as many of these cases as we possibly can — Victor’s case, from Sydney, is merely the first. About 90% of the cases are from Victoria.

If you know someone who has been bullied with a lockdown fine or criminal charge, let us know. Have them fill out our confidential form at, and if the case meets our parameters, we can crowdfund a lawyer for them, too. 

And if you agree with us that we should fight the fines for Victor, please help us cover the cost of our lawyers.

Victor has been told to pay $3,000 in fines. Obviously it will cost us more than $3,000 to fight his case, but that’s not the point. The point is we have to push back at any politician, bureaucrat or police officer who thinks the pandemic is an excuse to treat us as less than the free citizens we are.

It is my plan to provide lawyers for dozens of Australians, to show the government that we’ve had enough of being treated like sheep.

We’ve got the lawyers; we’ve got grassroots Australians willing to fight — all we need now is some help crowdfunding the lawyers for this important project.

Please click here to chip in what you can — whether that’s $5 or $500. And I promise you we’ll keep you posted, every step of the way. I really like Victor. And there’s nothing more Australian than a peaceful walk, while quietly mocking politicians. The way that police treated him is unacceptable.

 If you agree with me, please click here to help us crowdfund a great lawyer, to have his case thrown out!

If you prefer the old fashioned way, please make a check payable to the law firm, payable to "Lander and Rogers” and put “Victor Tey in trust” in the memo. Please mail it to: Landers, Level 19, 123 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Thanks for your help. Go Victor, go!

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  • By Avi Yemini

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