INTERVIEW: Pastor Artur's driver thought police would leave them alone, maybe return next week

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Well over a million people have viewed the shocking video of the arrest of Pastor Artur Pawlowski on Saturday. That footage was shot by Dave Hughes, who was driving the vehicle when no less than six police vehicles closed in for the arrest. Also arrested was Artur’s brother, David Pawlowski.

Rebel News has been following this story from its very onset. In fact, Artur was our very first case.

We have been sharing Artur’s side of the story when most media outlets were jumping at every opportunity to lambaste the man. Through our tireless journalism, we have had the unique opportunity to get to know Artur, his family and many members of his congregation.

Dave Hughes is one of the people we have met on numerous occasions as we covered Artur’s story. He is a member of Pastor Artur’s church and a longtime friend. We spoke with Dave shortly after the startling arrest, and he shared all the details about what happened, how he is coping, and the plan for Pastor Artur’s ministry moving forward.

You can help pay the legal fees of Pastor Artur by making a donation at Donations go to The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity that is now helping the project. Donations made on this page come with a charitable tax receipt that you can use to reduce your Canadian taxes.

For more details on Pastor Artur's arrest, click here.

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  • By Adam Soos

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