Pastor James Coates' July 14 hearing adjourned until August 4

Pastor James Coates' July 14 hearing adjourned until August 4
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Pastor James Coates's hearing has been adjourned until August 4.

Rebel News reporter Sheila Gunn Reid covered the short hearing in the follow series of tweets:

Good morning. This morning I am listening in on another hearing for Pastor James Coates, the Edmonton area pastor of GraceLife Church, who went to jail for 35 days for keeping his church wide open to the faithful after the province ordered it closed.

Court starts momentarily. Lawyers for Coates tell me an adjournment is anticipated at the request of the crown.

Leighton Grey is repping Coates. 2 lawyers are in court for the government, one from the AG and another from the crown prosecution service.

Karen Thorsrud is not in court today. She is the crown prosecutor who insists she is ID'd only as the “public health prosecutor” to protect her identity

I suspect she isn't scared of Christians, but more scared of her own shame for being involved in this whole grotesque affair

And just like that, court is adjourned - put over until August 4 for scheduling.

And like always, I'll be tuned into that hearing since, apparently, I have elected myself as the court reporter to the Christian community.

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