Paul’s Pizza will not be silenced

Negative online reviews started to pour in, but they were not criticisms of the food or even the restaurant — the reviewers attacked the owner’s politics.

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Paul’s Pizza in Airdrie, Alberta is known for their quality food, but as of late the restaurant has garnered a fair amount of attention for their unabashed support for freedom.

Co-owner Farouk “Assault” Elsaghir doesn’t shy away from sharing his opinions on the restaurant's official Facebook page.

Farouk is perfectly clear that every is welcome in his restaurant, no matter their politics or ideologies, but where he draws the line is when people attempt to stifle or silence him. Those people, per Farouk, are welcome to head over to Dominos.

The politicization of his pizza started when Paul’s Pizza began getting negative reviews, but they were neither criticisms of the food or even the restaurant; Paul's Pizza was riddled with criticisms of the owner’s politics.

One review read, “I cannot get enough of how delicious this pizza is. Update: Unfortunately, Paul’s social media presence is leaving a poor taste in my mouth, and I will not be back.”

Paul’s Pizza dared to provide pizza to truckers in the Freedom Convoy and refused to be silenced by online bullies. Since then, people have been attempting to cancel and ruin his business with bogus reviews.

People were also calling in complaints about non-compliance with COVID-19 directives, which again proved to be baseless. Farouk shared that it was one thing to go after him, but to attempt to destroy his business and the jobs of all his employees crossed a line.

Ultimately, the attempted cancelling of Paul’s Pizza in Airdrie has likely yielded more new supporters than it has cost the business. I sat down with Farouk to discuss his story, his restaurant and how a pizza place became a symbol of freedom and resistance to cancel culture.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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