Calgary's new mayor is declaring a climate emergency in the city — but why? This pointless gesture only serves to help OPEC, not the environment.

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When you look at any issue in the world there is a wide variety of opinions, two people can and often will draw vastly diverse opinions when presented with similar facts. This has been true since time immemorial. When the talking heads are all saying the exact same thing, that is when you need to start paying attention.

It isn’t just the mainstream news that lies and generates fear, Hollywood is also complicit. Everyone is in on it, from our childhood heroes to movie stars and even paid child activists. Climate hysteria is being thrust into our everyday lives everywhere we look.

We have to come to terms with reality, trust the science and acknowledge that there isn’t a climate emergency, is there?

This week Calgary City council will be debating declaring a state of climate emergency in our city, the motion was brought foreword by Councillor Raj Dhaliwal, but is widely considered a passion project of sorts for mayoral newcomer Jyoti Gondek.

The motion was unanimously endorsed for debate last week, signalling that climate alarmism is an ideological narrative that the now decidedly-woke city council has clearly embraced. Vancouver, Halifax and Edmonton are among the other cities in a self-described state of climate emergency, whatever that means.

Calgary City Councillor Pete Demong acknowledged that this declaration is a symbolic one, yet another meaningless progressive policy that accomplishes little more than affording politicians an opportunity to pat themselves on the back.

I am sorry to break it to Mr. Demong, but there is no such thing as a symbolic emergency.

Calgary was built on oil and gas. Jyoti was once a massive supporter of our clean and environmentally ethical energy sectors, but don’t take my word for it: we’ve included a clip of her heralding and praising the Canadian energy sector.

Jyoti is now the mayor of a city where one-third of the downtown core is vacant, and with drilling increasing and a potential oil boom on the horizon that could see Calgary renewed and restored with an economic surge, she is now turning her back on Canadian resources. Whatever state of emergency she declares, people will still need oil and gas, so by denouncing our ethical resources she is effectively endorsing OPEC.

Beyond the economic and energy considerations, there is an altogether more troubling concern here, and that is the wellbeing of our children. Environmentalists profess to want to safeguard the world for future generations, but in the process, they have created an environment so riddled with fear and hysteria that kids are too anxious to live in the world today. The combined stress of parents who have lost their jobs because of cancelled pipelines and anti-oil lobbyists and the constant messaging that the world is going to end is undoubtedly contributing to the mental health pandemic among our youth.

Alberta energy resources are good for Canada, good for the environment, good for families and good for any Calgary mayor with the courage to defend them, no matter what Hollywood activists and media pundits say. There is no climate emergency, least of all in beautiful Alberta, if you agree, sign our petition at

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  • By Adam Soos

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