Political meddling suspected in Ottawa police investigation of Constable Helen Grus

Grus was censored by her superiors as she attempted to probe an unusual pattern of sudden infant deaths following the rollout of the novel COVID vaccines.

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Constable Helen Grus is facing a disciplinary tribunal this week in Ottawa after she began to notice an emerging pattern of unusual sudden infant deaths (SIDS) in the region in 2021.

Grus is being charged with discreditable conduct for querying the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) database in an attempt to discern whether a pattern of SIDS cases was emerging and if adequate information was being collected about the probable cause(s).

While trying to determine if a correlation between the rollout of the novel COVID-19 vaccines and SIDS existed, a media leak occurred and Grus was subsequently silenced by her superiors and suspended by OPS.

Former RCMP officer Daniel Bulford was at the hearing to show solidarity.

“When they’re playing the recording of her statement it’s clear [that] she is very articulate and thorough,” he said about the May 2022 OPS questioning of Grus – a recording that was shared in its nearly three hour entirety during the August 14 proceedings.

Another Grus supporter calls the tribunal hearing smoke in mirrors.

“The police swore an oath to uphold the law but then when they do, they’re hit with this insubordination,” he said.

Retired Toronto police detective Donald Best, who has been closely scrutinizing the Grus case, attended the mandated in-person hearings.

“Are police officers going to be independent of politics? Will they be allowed to investigate as their duty, as their responsibility, as their knowledge tells them to do or will they be told what to do and what they can do by political pressures?” he asks.

“We had a diligent detective noticing a cluster of nine sudden infant deaths and wondering if there could be a potential connection between the vaccine and the mothers' vaccination status,” Best further adds. “Once politics enters a police investigation, justice is out the window.”

The audio that the gallery heard seems to be more of an implication of the system attempting to persecute a dutiful, diligent detective doing investigative work and trying to determine patterns.

CBC journalist Shaamini Yogaretnam, who originally broke the Grus story, has since gone radio silent on the procedural unfolding. Grus’ legal team has repeatedly attempted to subpoena said journalist for more information on necessary disclosure, to no avail.

It’s alleged that at least one senior public health official and her lawyer daughter conspired with media to suppress the internal investigation.

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