Propaganda poll accuses Conservative supporters of ‘disinformation beliefs’

A recent poll that alleges that Conservative Party of Canada supporters embrace 'disinformation' was conducted by a pollster whose primary focus leans toward inflammatory propaganda rather than providing an impartial analysis of Canada’s sociopolitical landscape.

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Pollster EKOS Politics has accused Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) supporters of being believers in “disinformation.”

The poll, titled "Polarized Gridlock," claims a strong correlation between Conservative support and disinformation beliefs. However, questions posed in the poll, such as concealing vaccine-related deaths, COVID-19 vaccine effects, inflation, and climate change, can be easily criticized for lack of objectivity.

Frank Graves, EKOS's founder and a long-time Liberal supporter, reaffirmed the poll's questions on social media, dismissing the idea that governments are concealing vaccine-related deaths as a hard “no.”

When information contrary to that claim was shared, highlighting testimony from a senior Health Canada official about underreported vaccine adverse events, Graves immediately disabled comments on his post.

The contrary information details the testimony of Celia Lourenco, then associate assistant deputy minister at Health Canada, who confirms that vaccine adverse events underreporting is a well-known fact. The United States Department of Health and Human Services reported that fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported to the FDA. In Canada, the reporting system for adverse events faced delays and confusion for the better part of two years, during the same time that the novel injections were being urgently administered to Canadians under an interim order.

Lourenco is also named in a $10.5 million dollar lawsuit launched on behalf of a COVID vaccine-injured Albertan that cites the Canadian state broadcaster and public servants for negligence and COVID-19 vaccine misinformation, i.e. endless regurgitation of the 'safe and effective' pharma marketing slogan.

It’s unsurprising that Graves, who threatened CPC leader Pierre Poilievre last year, has characterized Conservatives as disinformation believers out of what seems to be more of a vendetta than impartial polling.

The fact remains that vaccine adverse events are severely underreported and Health Canada’s slow response to improving its own reporting system shows that this pollster is more interested in inflammatory propaganda than objectively — and accurately — capturing the nuanced sociopolitical landscape of Canada.

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  • By David Menzies

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