Protect Our Poppies

Show your support for the Canadians who fought and died for our freedoms. Sign our petition demanding that Whole Foods permit its employees to wear a Remembrance Day poppy.

Update: Whole Foods reversed their position

November 6, 2020

David Menzies visits a Toronto Whole Foods to see just what's going on with the company's ban on employees wearing poppies.

Whole Foods faced so much backlash, they reversed their decision!

Amazon-owned Whole Foods has banned its employees from wearing Remembrance Day poppies, claiming they’re unacceptable political statements.

That’s an atrocious smear of our war dead, and it’s especially unacceptable coming from a subsidiary of Amazon, a pro-China corporation.

Poppies are about remembering those who bravely served and died for our country.

It is about valuing their sacrifice and the freedoms we enjoy because of their sacrifice — including our freedom of political expression.

If you agree that U.S.-owned, China-loving Whole Foods should stop punishing its employees who want to wear a poppy, please sign our petition.