Protester who offered cops coffee CHARGED for not social distancing

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Despite increasing restrictions, increased fines and the never-ending government impositions we have seen, COVID-19 cases continue to climb. And all throughout, we have seen innocent people charged outrageous sums of money for, essentially, living their lives.

Here at Rebel News, we've been helping fight back through

Today, I'm bringing you another story from Hamilton, Ontario where a protester named Fraser McBurney was charged for his involvement in a recent demonstration downtown. Fraser's terrible actions on that day seem to be offering protesters — and the officers watching the event — coffee and snacks while not remaining six feet apart. Now, police have handed him a $750 ticket under the Reopening Ontario Act.

Fraser isn't even the first person from this Hugs Over Masks group to be charged, my colleague David Menzies interviewed the 26-year-old man who organizes the protests after he was given a ticket for arranging the rally.

Watch my interview with Fraser to hear him tell his side of the story.

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