Protesters rally in Medicine Hat against arrest of Tamara Lich

Outside the Medicine Hat Remand Centre where Tamara Lich was being held, protesters came out to show their support for the convoy organizer.

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Medicine Hat police arrested Tamara Lich on orders from the Ottawa police after a nationwide warrant was issued. Allegedly, she breached the conditions of her previous release after being arrested in Ottawa over mischief charges, amongst other things, in relation to the peaceful protest that took place in Ottawa.

We heard from the former Medicine Hat MP, and gave the petition to Medicine Hat police, soon after there was a protest outside the local Remand Centre.

We spoke with those in attendance to hear what they thought about Tamara’s arrest, and the treatment she’s been faced with by our government in relation to the peaceful protests that took place earlier this year in Ottawa.

If you agree that Tamara is closer to being a political prisoner than an actual criminal, please head on to and sign the petition to set her free.

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PETITION: Free Tamara Lich

51,644 signatures
Goal: 55,000 Signatures

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