Rebel News drops off the 'Free Tamara Lich' petition at Medicine Hat police headquarters

Rebel News' own Mocha Bezirgan and Sydney Fizzard drove to Medicine Hat's police headquarters and dropped off a petition to free Tamara Lich that gathered more than 23 thousand signatures. Shortly after, the duo covered a protest.

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Medicine Hat police recently arrested Tamara Lich, and 20,000 people call for her freedom.

Over 20,000 now, at where people who think Tamara Lich shouldn't have been arrested, are signing their names to this rapidly growing list. We brought that list to Medicine Hat police state who arrested her on orders from the Ottawa police after they issued a nation wide warrant.

Tamara Lich is one of the Freedom Convoy organizers who was arrested over mischief charges - amongst other things - in relation to the peaceful protest that took place in Ottawa.

We gave this petition to Medicine hat police who were quick to say the recipient should be the local MP instead. Soon after, we were able to interview the former MP for the Medicine Hat area, while attending a protest in support of Tamara Lich at the Remand Centre.

"The only thing that wasn't peaceful, was the police," former MP said about the protests in Ottawa, as he explained why Tamara shouldn't be in the position she is now.

If you agree that Tamara is closer to being a political prisoner than an actual criminal, please head on to and sign the petition to set her free.

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PETITION: Free Tamara Lich

51,646 signatures
Goal: 55,000 Signatures

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