Tamara Lich was jailed as a political prisoner in Canada for 18 days

Ezra discusses the arrest and imprisonment of Tamara Lich, one of the peaceful organizers of the Ottawa Freedom Convoy protest.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed the arrest and imprisonment of Tamara Lich, one of the peaceful organizers of the Ottawa Freedom Convoy protest.

Last month, Tamara Lich was arrested on the streets of Ottawa, handcuffed like she was some violent criminal, packed into a police vehicle and taken to jail.

For “inciting mischief”. Really? Really. According to prosecutors, she had told truckers to “hold the line” and that meant keep protesting. And that, apparently, is illegal in both Vladimir Putin’s Russia and Justin Trudeau’s Canada.

I have never in my life heard of someone charged with inciting mischief — as in, she herself didn’t even commit mischief; she just was encouraging it, one degree of separation — being held in jail. It’s pretty much the lowest criminal code section there is, a catch-all for things police don’t like. “Mischief”. Not assault, not trespass, not theft, nothing violent of course. Just “mischief”. Or, inciting mischief. And a Trudeau judge denied her bail.

Tamara Lich appealed her outrageous imprisonment, and a judge heard the appeal last Wednesday. The judge heard the back and forth, almost a full day. But then he said he would need five more days before he could issue a proper ruling — because he was “busy”. I swear, he said that. So Tamara Lich sat in prison for five more days because the judge was so busy.

Well on Monday, she was finally released. 18 days behind bars.

So she’s free. $5,000 bond from herself. $20,000 bond from a family member. She had to leave Ottawa within 24 hours — apparently she’s banned from the city. And leave Ontario in 72 hours. She’s banned from the entire province. For mischief. That’s insane. What if I told you that a critic of Putin was banned from Moscow; or that a critic of Biden was banned from D.C. A peaceful, political critic. You’d say that’s tyrannical.

She has to report to police. Reside where directed. She can’t talk to other truckers who are charged — she’s just not allowed to talk to them. I guess that’s a crime, too, now?

And get this: no social media. And no protesting against Trudeau’s COVID policies.

Oh. So I guess this wasn’t really about a crime after all. It’s about a political crime. She really was a political prisoner — and if she dares to oppose Trudeau, she will literally be jailed for that.

Does Putin do that, too? Or does he hand that off to “judges” like Trudeau does.

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