Protesters want Australia to do more to support Ukraine

Calls for Australian government to expel Russian diplomats

Protesters want Australia to do more to support Ukraine
Sky News Australia
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Protesters in Sydney have demanded the Australian government expel Russian diplomats and send more weapons to help Ukraine.

Dozens of demonstrators, many wearing Ukrainian flags, picketed the New South Wales Parliament on Tuesday after Russia bombarded Ukraine with more than 80 missiles.

They held signs saying, “Russia brings death” and “No place for Russian terrorists in Australia”.

Spokesman Anton Bogdanovych said the Australian government should declare Russia a terrorist state and insisted that its diplomats should be kicked out of the country.

He accused Russian diplomats of trying to brainwash Australians.

"There can be no diplomatic representation of a terrorist state on Australian soil," he said, to cheers from the crowd.

"Those diplomats are spreading lies and Russian propaganda and funding Russian terror on Australian soil, so this is why we are strongly demanding the Australian government to expel Russian diplomats," he said.

Australia has given an estimated $388 million in military assistance to Ukraine including 60 Bushmasters, 28 M113AS4 armoured vehicles and anti-armour weapons.

But Ukrainian expats living in Sydney said more needed to be done.

"All we’re asking is for Australian help with every weapon imaginable, every weapon that you have must be in Ukraine right now because this is the only path to stop Vladimir Putin,” Bogdanovych said.

Other demonstrations are expected around the country in the coming week.

Ukraine's Ambassador to Australia said the Albanese Government needed to step up its military assistance and support to Ukraine following Russia's latest attack.

Defence Minister Richard Marles met with the ambassador earlier this week. He said the government was considering sending troops to train Ukrainian soldiers.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton told Sky News he would support such a move provided Australian troops were not deployed “onto the ground in Ukraine”.

“I think that’s obviously a provocative act,” he said.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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