Rebel News LIVE! Calgary 2023: Alexa Lavoie

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Alexa Lavoie is Rebel News' reporter based in Quebec. She not only reports fluently in French but also in English, having learned the language at 26 years old.

Alexa became a prominent face in independent media during the Freedom Convoy, reporting from the frontlines of the massive police action to evict protesters from the city.

She was shot with a crowd control canister in the process of bringing our viewers the other side of the story.

Since then, Alexa has covered crucial stories that matter to Canadians, including reports on Roxham Road, sharing stories of professionals who were fighting for academic freedom, and many more.

Lavoie took the stage at Rebel News LIVE! Calgary 2023 to share her journey before joining Rebel News, detailing how she became a journalist.

She discussed media bias towards the left, the indoctrination in school systems affecting the younger generation, and much more.

Watch a free teaser of the speech below, or the full speech above. To relive our entire Rebel News LIVE! Calgary 2023 event, click here.

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