Rebel News journalist assaulted by taxi driver at Roxham Road

Rebel News journalist Alexa Lavoie was assaulted by a human smuggler while reporting on the illegal immigration that's happening at the Roxham Road border crossing.

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When journalists get assaulted by human traffickers at an illegal border while doing their job, that means that action needs to be taken and fast!

Rebel News has been investigating the human trafficking and humanitarian crisis occurring at Roxham Road south of Montreal, Quebec. 

This road, adjacent to the American border, is the site of the majority of illegal border crossings to Canada. And the inaction of the Canadian government to secure the border, along with complicit American politicians who do nothing to secure their own borders, are fueling the lucrative business of human trafficking.

To learn more, please visit There you can sign our petition and send an e-mail to the Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, to stop assisting in migrant trafficking by buying illegal migrants bus tickets to the Quebec border.

The problem we experiment at our border is not being taken into consideration and the problem continues to evolve faster than ever.

Canadians face a burden problem because they are the ones who are funding all the expenses regarding this illegal immigration. 82% of illegals crossing at Roxham Road are put up in taxpayer-funded hotels, and those outside of hotels are displacing homeless people in Montreal shelters.

Human traffickers, those operating at taxi services, are part of an upstate New York cottage industry, bringing people to the border for a fee. Some are upfront about what they do, and others want to remain in the shadows.

But one of them assaulted me while I was reporting on human trafficking through our illegal border at Roxham Road.

The RCMP officer was very helpful in my situation. A despicable human being who is willing to beat a woman in front of families and children. With no fear of being arrested!

This man is a danger to the people he claims to help, and to anyone who stands in the way of his next trafficking payday. And that’s why we are going after him! Rebel News has hired a great lawyer for me and he is working with the police in New York State and with the RCMP.

My lawyer is working to retrieve the footage from the cameras that line the border. I have filed a complaint in New York State and I am going to get this violent human smuggler off the street. But doing this is not cheap. I need a lot of help, and because I am dealing with two separate countries, it's complicated, but I think it’s worth it to make Canada and the USA just a little bit safer.

Please go to to help me offset these legal costs.

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