Rebel News reporter gives update on New York’s migrant crisis

According to Alexa Lavoie, several homeless people in New York say that their resources have diminished due to migrants coming into their city.

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"For Roxham Road, which Justin Trudeau declared open in a tweet shortly after his election, it's been closed and thousands of migrants who had planned to come from New York City as the staging ground to cross the Canadian border. Well, they're backed up in the United States, including in New York itself. Now, New York is an enormous city, the largest city in the United States, and it has its own problems, including its own homeless problem," said Ezra.

"New York City, being a Democrat city proudly declares itself a sanctuary city. By that they mean they will not deport. They will not assist in the deportation of illegal migrants. They say things like 'no one is illegal.' Well, that's easy to say when the illegals are at border crossings in places like Texas. But what happens when thousands of foreign migrants start to bottleneck in New York because Trudeau is no longer taking them through Roxham Road?"

Rebel News sent two reporters to New York, Lincoln Jay and Alexa Lavoie, both of whom have reported on the Roxham Road crossing. Alexa joined live from the streets of the Big Apple.

Alexa said:

So right now, what we also saw so far, we went to the Roosevelt, it's a hotel where migrant have been housed at this hotel. Afterwards we went to a school where some migrants were being housed inside of the gymnasiums, during the school, children were going into school. And so because of the backlash of the parents knowing about what is going on in that gymnasium, they actually cleaned the school. So no migrants are housing at that school anymore. That was in Coney Island.

So now we're in Manhattan and we are walking through the city to see where the migrant is are being housed.

So we saw multiple shelters where unfortunately homeless told us that if they are not that 11 busses full of migrant arrive at night and they take that bed if they didn't sign up for that bed before the bus arrive. This is really sad because what they were explaining is like the resources have diminished and now they need to to find like as a help as possible.

And they are citizens of the U.S. and now they see their rights and what the the they should have as a service is being taking away from them  by the migrant arrive in New York. We also follow to another another hotel where there is security and you are not allowed to enter but it's riding no vacancy and they say that is only immigration.

"You know, Democrats are good at virtue signaling, at telling us how noble they are. They talked a good game about sanctuary cities when all the illegal migrants were in Texas. It's incredible to me that I think I heard you say they were housing them in schools, school gyms during the time when kids were using the schools. That's got to be dangerous," said Ezra.

This is only an excerpt of last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show. To watch the full episode, become a subscriber to RebelNews+.
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