Rebel Roundup: Sheila Gunn Reid and Keean Bexte

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Welcome to Rebel Roundup, ladies and gentlemen — and the rest of you — in which we look back at some of the very best commentaries of the week by your favourite Rebels. I’m your host, David Menzies.

Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv has filed a statement of defence in regard to our lawsuit. Oh, and it’s so unintentionally funny, you won’t want to miss what Keean Bexte has to say about it.

Well, the Liberals have a new strategy when it comes to freedom of information requests: if the data looks too embarrassing, just have the FOI department claim that it doesn’t exist! Wait ‘til you hear what Sheila Gunn Reid has to say about this scandal.

And finally: letters; we get your letters; we get your letters every minute of every day. I’ll share some of your responses regarding my coverage the International Women’s Day march in Toronto that had everything to do with communism and climate change… but precious little to do with women’s liberation! How’d that happen?

Those are your Rebels, now let’s round ‘em up...

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  • By Ezra Levant

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