Jonathan Yaniv uses “mental state” as defence for violent assault

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Jonathan Yaniv filed several claims in a B.C. court today in response to Rebel News’ civil litigation against the Langley area predator.

Yaniv, who identifies as female, made headlines around the world for taking female aestheticians to court for refusing to wax his male genitalia.

The civil litigation was filed in January after Yaniv violently assaulted me. Yaniv had already assaulted David Menzies with a blunt weapon – and that is part of the action as well. Yaniv claims he was in an unstable “state of mind,” as a defence for the altercation.

Strangely, Yaniv identifies himself to the court as “Jonathan Yaniv, also known as Jessica Yaniv.” Countless Twitter accounts have been suspended and banned for using the name “Jonathan,” which Yaniv now veritably uses himself.

Yaniv claims he was in an unstable “state of mind” as a defence for the altercation, citing a “sexual assault” he alleges he experienced earlier the same day.

While Yaniv does have legal council retained for his criminal trials, the document filed with the court does not appear to have been written by a lawyer, as it is riddled with contradictions, plus spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Given Yaniv’s claims and refusal to pay damages, this action will proceed to court.

If you would like to help Rebel News with our action against Yaniv, you can do so at

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  • By Drea Humphrey


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