Toronto: International Women’s Day march brings out communists, climate crusaders

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International Women’s Day: To paraphrase Helen Reddy’s old hit song, “They are women, hear them roar”... but why is it that so much of the roaring in 2020 has absolutely nothing to do with... women’s liberation?

Indeed, another International Women’s Day March took place in Toronto on Sunday, the theme for this year’s parade being:

“The world is on fire. We are rising. Indigenous justice. Climate and economic justice. End to violence. End to war.”

(By the way, do you find it odd that the dominant image for the poster promoting International Women’s Day 2020 is that of hijab-wearing women? Many would argue women being forced to cover themselves is a form of female submission, but hey, that might be interpreted as Islamophobic to mention, so never mind…)

In any event, I went downtown to cover the Women’s Day March and was somewhat gobsmacked to discover that the women’s liberation movement has essentially been hijacked by a myriad of other far-left activists. Such as socialists. And communists. And those who campaign against fossil fuels (please kindly turn a blind eye to the diesel-powered Ram 1500 that led the parade, won’t you?)

The march began at that leftist incubator known as the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and concluded at Ryerson University, where a fair was organized by the Ryerson Centre for Women and Trans People. (Trans people? Like those males pretending to be females and are now cleaning the clocks of real women in elite female sports events? With allies like that, who needs enemies?)

Now don’t get me wrong. Only a misogynist would campaign against equal rights for women. But clearly the feminist movement in general – and International Women’s Day in particular – is not about promoting equality amongst the sexes anymore. Rather, it’s about advancing a radical left-wing agenda that most reasonable people find... repugnant.

Bottom line: is it any wonder an increasing number of women recoil when one asks if they’re feminists? After all, most reasonable women fully realize that feminism has been reduced to “useful idiot” status — just another cog to promote the sort of far left wing lunacy that will ultimately make all our lives that much more miserable.

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  • By David Menzies

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