Red Bull fires ‘woke’ executives over Black Lives Matter push

Red Bull fires ‘woke’ executives over Black Lives Matter push
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Sports drinks company Red Bull has dissolved its so-called “culture teams” and two executives responsible for injecting wokeness into the company’s policies and internal culture in response to pressure to support Black Lives Matter and adopt a progressive political stance.  

Renown for its energy drinks and sponsorship of sports teams and video games, Red Bull is the first major company to reject “woke” politics.  

The Wall Street Journal reports that two execs, US chief executive Stefan Kozak and North American president and chief marketing officer Amy Taylor, were both terminated after they raised a fuss about the company’s “inaction on the Black Lives Matter movement.”  

“Ms. Taylor had been working on diversity and inclusion efforts within the company with Mr. Kozak’s support for several years but was met with opposition when she began advocating for Red Bull to be more overt in its support of racial justice in the last month, according to people familiar with the matter,” the publication reported. 

Business Insider reports that Red Bull’s international executives fired the two after their attempts to create tension around “diversity issues” and pressure to hire take on more “diversity hires.”  

The company also terminated its “entertainment and culture teams” in Canada, the UK and Austria and canceled most of their planned events as it found that employees on these teams were “most vocal about racial justice matters” and were trying to force the company to adopt leftist politics.  

The move to save the company from wokeness should come as no surprise as Red Bull’s owner, Dietrich Mateschitz, is an outspoken opponent of political correctness of the “intellectual elite.”  

“I fundamentally oppose being told what to think, even if one immediately makes oneself suspicious in all directions: in America you’re branded a communist, in Europe as a conspiracy theorist or a right-wing populist,” he said in an interview with Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung, wherein he also criticized Europe’s handling of the refugee crisis.  

He said “it was clear from the start that most of the people weren’t refugees, at least not according to the definition of the term in the Geneva Conventions,” and condemned “public servants in Brussels [referring to the European Union] who say that countries with homogeneous cultures should vanish from the face of the earth.”  

In woke spaces, corporations and government agencies have dismissed the concept of meritocracy and have instead begun hiring people based on their race and gender, a practice that remains illegal in the United States. 

California’s state legislature recently voted to strike the state’s anti-discrimination laws and open the door to legalized discrimination in the name of progress.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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