BREAKING: Rural Alberta MLAs set to discuss lifting ALL mandates

The MLAs will meet this afternoon to consider lifting all mandates in rural Alberta.

BREAKING: Rural Alberta MLAs set to discuss lifting ALL mandates
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Rural ministers of Alberta's legislative assembly appear set to agree to demands put forward by the truckers that have been blockading the Canada-U.S. border crossing.

As broken by Rebel News' Kian Simone, the truckers revealed that rural MLAs in the province are set to hold a meeting this afternoon to discuss agreeing to the truckers' demands. The agreement hinges on the protesters allowing one lane of traffic to pass through the border.

A spokesman for the protesters said that the rural MLAs “are supporting us 100% ... but they cannot continue to support us if we do not open up one lane of traffic across that border.”

“They said if we open that lane of traffic, they will drop the rural mandates and the [Restrictions Exemption Program],” the spokesman added. Alberta's Restrictions Exemption Program is the province's name for its vaccine passport policy.

The truckers stated that if their request was not met, the border would be “shut again immediately,” before saying that the one lane of traffic would be opened as a show of good faith.

“If things don't go well, we're going to block things back up,” another trucker told police who had arrived to speak to the demonstrators. “We are willing to open things up just to show you guys that we want to work with you guys.”

“We don't want to be here any more than you guys,” the trucker said.

Another trucker who was skeptical of the potential agreement wondered if the group needed more solid timelines first from the government officials. 

“This is a step in the right direction,” one officer responds.

The truckers' lawyer, Chad Williamson, recorded a statement discussing the new developments.

“The government has heard their requests. The truckers are going to be opening a lane of traffic ... giving unimpeded access on both sides of the border,” Williamson said.

“I'm not at liberty to share some of the behind the scenes developments that have spurred such a wild change of events, but this is extremely positive,” stated the truckers' lawyer. “This is why we bring parties together, to try to resolve things peacefully.”

To help assist the truckers in their ongoing negotiations with police, Rebel News has launched to help provide the truckers with legal assistance during this tense standoff. On that website, you can see all of our reports on the border blockade and help fund the truckers' lawyer.

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