“Speak to the Sergeant!” Why didn't Toronto's cops arrest BLM protesters?

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Another anti-lockdown protest in Toronto; another day of police violently taking down and arresting those committing the egregious crime of… expressing a contrary opinion to the likes of Toronto Mayor John Tory, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

Welcome to Hogtown in 2021. If you don’t publicly express a lust for lockdowns like our elected officials, then stay quiet. Making some noise could mean a stay in crowbar motel.

Such was the case last Saturday — yet again. The anti-lockdown protesters and members of “Yahoo Nation” know that Yonge-Dundas Square is now off limits when it comes to politically incorrect protesting. The city has taken back that public square, dispatching an enormous police presence whenever anti-lockdown protesters show up. So it is that these demonstrators have returned to where they started protesting back in April — namely, Queen’s Park, the site of the Ontario Legislature.

But apparently, this acreage, too, is off limits to protesting these days. Well… not all protesting, mind you. If you are a rank-and-file member of Black Lives Matter, not only will the cops NOT ticket you, they will bend the knee with you in solidarity. Even the Chief! Fancy that?

Nevertheless, the strategy being embraced by police is downright baffling. What we have seen play out in the last few weeks is police arresting those who are the ringleaders (or those the police THINK might be the ringleaders). And then after the paddy wagons putter off? Well, they give the remaining protesters an escort to march through the streets of Toronto.

Yet, that seems to be a lose/lose strategy, doesn’t it? Protesters are upset that some of their members are roughed up and arrested; meanwhile, the pro-lockdown types fume that maskless protesters get to march in the street without adhering to social distancing. Sounds like a fantastic strategy to us…

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